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Can your Group, Club or Organization
use some extra money?
We can help you raise those funds...
and we make it fun and easy!

People love the Davison Family's Comedy Show at Fairs, Festivals, Amusement Parks, 
Corporate Events,Theaters, Cruise Ships...Everywhere!

"People love the Davison Family's Comedy Show at Fairs, Festivals, Amusement Parks,
Corporate Events, Theaters, Cruise Ships...Everywhere!"

Watch this video to see what others have said about "Pat Davison's COMEDY MAGIC CIRCUS!"

"Our group Families for Education recently hosted "Pat Davison's Comedy Magic Circus!". This was a fun-filled family show that had something to offer all ages. The crowd participation was very entertaining and a big hit.

Pat himself was great to work with. He had everything laid out for us. Basically, all we had to do was find a location, spread the word and hang up flyers & posters. The announcements that were provided to be read at school were a big hit with the kids. They we're excited to hear that the magic circus was coming to their school.

In the future, I hope to work with Pat again. We would love for his show to come back to Spring Grove MN."
Amy Gross, President
Families For Education

"I want to thank you SO MUCH for coming to Augustana and performing for us! All day today my residents were saying how much they enjoyed the show! They were saying that you were VERY professional, fun and funny!

They were particularly very impressed with your daughter and her talents at a young age. They were saying everything was absolutely amazing and they cannot wait to have the opportunity to see you all come again and entertain for us!

Thank you so much for giving my residents a night they won’t forget, everyone is very happy! I look forward to working with you again!"
Cherelle Nolen, Activities Director
Augustana Apartments

  • Service Clubs
  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • School Choirs and Bands
  • Football Teams
  • Hockey Teams
  • Cheerleading Teams
  • PTAs and PTOs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Police Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Volunteer Fire Departments...

    The list goes on and on, and, like all of us, they're all facing a common problem...

    In today's economy everyone can use a few extra dollars, and there are a lot of good, tried and true methods to raise some funds. Many of those plans have been around for decades, and many of them work very well. But let's face it, just how much candy can a person buy and eat?!

  • If your group would like to try something fun and different...
  • something that can involve the whole family and provide a service to the community...
  • AND put the jingle of cash in your group's pockets... you have found the solution right here!!!

    can help you with your next fund-raiser!

    Rising fuel prices have made it cost-prohibitive for traveling shows to go long distances to bring family entertainment to smaller communities.

    Rising gas prices also make it more difficult for families to travel any distance out of town to enjoy an evening at a family-oriented show of any kind.

    "The COMEDY MAGIC CIRCUS!" is designed to bring
    clean, fun, family entertainment right to your town.
    They create a thrilling event right at home in your community so folks don't have to waste gas money driving long distances
    to see an evening of Professional Entertainment!

    Thrills, Skills and Laughs (PLENTY of Laughs) are words that describe what you and your families will experience during a performance of "The COMEDY MAGIC CIRCUS!".

    You will see...

  • "The World's Youngest Performing Unicyclist"!
  • Side-Splitting Comedy Juggling!
  • Eye-Popping Magic!
  • Amazing International Circus Stars!
  • Dazzling Hula Hoop Artist, "The Texas Tornado"!
  • "Rocky", the Mind-Reading Raccoon! (Yes, a Mind-Reading Raccoon!)
  • will see your friends and neighbors on stage in Fun Audience Participation Routines!

    In other words, you will enjoy a Fun-filled Variety Show presented by Professional Entertainers who have appeared around the world and on National and International Television shows such as

  • "Steve Harvey's BIG TIME!" on The Warner Bros. Network,
  • "Sabado Gigante!" on Univision,
  • "The Statler Brothers Show" on The Nashville Network,
  • "CIRCUS!" on Canadian National Television,
  • "Bozo's Circus" on WGN-TV, Etc., Etc.

    YOUR GROUP can raise some extra funds by bringing "The COMEDY MAGIC CIRCUS!" to town... and the local folks will love you for providing a fun evening out for the whole family!!!

    How can YOU bring this FUNdraiser to YOUR community???!!!
    Read on to learn the details!

  • The arrangements are really very simple.
    The basic agreement is as follows.

    Here's what we provide:

  • "The COMEDY MAGIC CIRCUS!" will provide a family-oriented performance of one hour or more including Comedy Magic, Comedy Juggling, Unicycling and Audience Participation. We bring our own sound system and stage settings.
  • We provide liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00.
  • We provide publicity materials for the organization to use to advertise the show.

    Here's what your organization provides:

  • The hosting organization will provide a suitable indoor performance location, i.e., school auditorium, gymnasium, etc.
  • The hosting organization will provide any necessary and applicable local permits or licenses.
  • The hosting organization will provide volunteer helpers at the door at the time of the performance.

    Before the performance the proceeds from advance ticket sales, if any, are counted and split according to a prearranged percentage. After the show the proceeds from any tickets sold at the door are counted and split according to a prearranged percentage. The show producers and the hosting organization share in the profits, the public has had a great time at a great show at a reasonable price, and the end result is a win-win situation for everyone!





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