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When Mabelle was only 8 years old, she was already earning
standing ovations on national TV...
and scaring Steve Harvey half to death!

From the Philippines...

"The GAKOS", Unique Unicyclists

Mabelle manuveurs the giraffe unicycle! Jumping rope! Skill on the wobbly one-wheeler!

Featuring 18-year-old Mabelle,
As seen Worldwide on
"SABADO GIGANTE!" on Univision!

Mabelle got a standing ovation for her Unicycling on
"Steve Harvey's Big Time!" on
The Warner Brothers Network!

Daring acrobatics on the Unicycle! Bicycle Ballet! Mabelle rides her Unicycle blindfolded!

Jumping rope!

CLICK HERE to see rare archival video of The World's Youngest Unicyclist in action at
"Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fitness Expo!"

The action is Fast and Fun as THE GAKOS take over the stage on their shiny Unicycles!

Fifteen-year-old Mabelle always gets cheers from the audience as
she navigates her flower vases and plucks the blossoms.
She even rides Blindfolded!, and on the high "giraffe" unicycle, too!!!

And just listen to the crowds scream with delight when
Mabelle's dad rides his Unicycle and Little Mabelle stands up on his shoulders and
spins her hula hoop!

With or without Audience Participation they are a highlight of any show, anywhere!
This Specialty Act consists of three people, runs from
5 minutes to 20 minutes and is ideally suited for:

  • Revue Shows
  • Headliner Support
  • Cruise Ships
  • NBA Halftime Shows
  • Fairs
  • Circuses
  • Amusement Parks
  • Television
  • Corporate Functions
  • Ice Shows

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